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Bonding agents and Adhesives



Synthetic rubber-based tackifier latex for cement-based mortar and adhesives.

High bonding performance

White liquid

12 months in dry place, protected from freezing and high temperatures

Highly bonding adhesive
Pour TECHNOS+ or TECHNOLA or TECHNO-XL powder into the latex. It is essential to use this mixture in the following cases:
fixing tiles on old ceramic or stone floors, also outdoors
fixing large, stable, natural stone tiles not affected by humidity, also on façades
precast concrete or concrete cast on site.
fixing tiles or natural stone not affected by humidity, to plasterboard. Use of Primer-T prior to fixing is not essential, but recommended.

Adhesive cement-based mortars for repairing or leveling walls and floors
Mortar formed by a mixture of cement and sand in 1:3, 1:4 ratios must be blended with the liquid obtained by diluting TC-LAX and water in 1:2 ratio (one part in volume and two parts of water). The sand grains should not be more than 2 mm in diameter.

High performance screeds
Blend mortar formed by cement and sand in 1:7 ratio with the liquid obtained by diluting TC-LAX in 1:3 ratio with water. The screed obtained with TC-LAX will be more consistent and will possess higher mechanical strength than one formed by using water alone.

Adhesive cement grouting
For casting joints or creating fixed screeds. The cement grouting is made by diluting TC-LAX in 1:1 ratio with water, and adding Portland cement to this solution to obtain paste that can be applied by brush. The mortar must be cast wet-on-wet.

Plaster rendering
Dilute TC-LAX in 1:1 ratio with water. Prepare a mixture of sand and cement in 1:1 weight ratio. The sand used for rendering should have a discontinuous curve reaching up to 3 mm in diameter at most (e.g.: 01 mm and 2-3 mm, to create a rougher appearance and increase the bonding surface). Rendering must be applied to smooth surfaces like concrete, or when the plaster applied afterwards must be covered with tiles or marble.

Plastered surfaces
Dilute TC-LAX in 1:4 ratio with water. Prepare a mixture of sand and cement in 1:4 weight ratio. Choose the sand used for plastering to suit the thickness required. By and large the diameter will be 2-3 mm at most. Now blend the sand-cement mixture with the previously diluted latex to obtain a plastic paste.

Adhesives and plaster blended with TC-LASTIC can be applied straight onto:
cement-based plaster, cement-lime mortar, cement-based screeds, concrete, bricks, old ceramic floors*.

* only for adhesives


  • Bonding agents and Adhesives
  • Bonding agents and Adhesives